Private Oceanfront Villa Rentals on the Mexican Riviera Nayarit

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  • 提供する物件のタイプは何か (例: ヴィラ、アパートメント、一戸建てなど)?
  • あなたのバケーションレンタルの良さとは?ユニークな点はどこか?目玉となるのは何か (プール、山が見渡せる景色など)?
  • キーポイントは何か (例: ベッドルーム数、何人用、キッチン、スタイル)?
  • 近隣環境はどんな様子か? 付近の主な見どころは何か? (例: ビーチ、スキー場の近くなど)?

Authentic Mexican Hospitality

Each home has its own housekeeper who will cook, clean, do laundry and decorate your house with garden fresh tropical flowers. You can opt for a generous meal package with authentic Mexican dishes prepared right in your house, or you can bring your own provisions.

Poolside Panoramic Views

It is all yours to enjoy as is the privacy to contemplate the sea views and watch the whales and dolphins pass by while listening to the murmuring of the waves and songs of the birds. There is a large community pool at the tip or the peninsula perfect for hanging out with family and friends or just relaxing to the sound of the surf while reading a book.

Secluded Beaches

Many visitors never leave Punta El Custodio during their entire stay and choose to swim, lounge around the community pool, meander the garden pathways, or explore the unpopulated beach. Many ramble down to Platanitos, a fishing village lined with festive beachside seafood restaurants. Other activities include whale watching, deep-sea fishing, stargazing and more. 

*Some pictures by Ed Dorsett Photography, all photos were taken at Punta El Custodio, by homeowners and guests.

**Please note, pets are not allowed at Punta el Custodio.  Any guest who brings pets to Punta El Custodio will not be permitted access to the property with their pet.