All Inclusive Meal Plan

The meal plan is handled differently depending on the home you rent. About six weeks before your arrival, please contact the appropriate individual regarding the meal plan, dietary restrictions and preferences. The office will also require the number of guests and children under age 12.  

Our guests usually arrive late afternoon or early evening; more than likely your housekeeper will be gone for the night. If you ordered the meal plan and arrive late, rest assured that your evening meal will be waiting for you in the refrigerator; you will simply need to heat your dinner. Additionally, your villa will be stocked with drinks (beer and soda), snacks and, of course, ice.

The meal plan is not required, but is offered for your convenience. Some guests prefer bringing their own provisions and either prepare meals themselves or request the housekeeper to prepare or help. If this is your first visit to Punta El Custodio, we recommend you take advantage of the meal plan. The big-box-stores (Costco, Sam's, Mega) are in Puerto Vallarta and if you are not familiar with the area and how to refrigerate food during transport, it can be a bit tricky. Those extremely familiar with the area can manage by shopping local markets, produce stands, fish stores, etc.  But experience is key to knowing where to shop.


The menu is a personal choice, working with the respective provide and your housekeeper you can choose from a variety of options, ensuring you have a wonderful dining experience.  Meals are prepared with fresh local ingredients and a good representation of local Mexican Cuisine.  So be adventurous and try something new.

Below we have provided some examples of what you might expect.


Eggs your choice with hash browns and bacon

Over Easy with chilaquiles

Omelette with mushrooms/zucchini/ham

Over-easy on tortilla topped with salsa (huevos rancheros)

Omelette with red sauce (or green sauce)

Scrambled with sausage (chorizo) 

Pelliscadas (small corn thick tortilla) with beans and cheese and eggs

Scrambled eggs with tomato, onion and bell pepper

Scrambled eggs with ham

pancakes with bacon

French bread with bacon and eggs

Breakfast comes with fried beans, bread, flour or corn tortillas, coffee, orange juice and fresh fruit of the season.


Chicken salad

Shrimp Ceviche

Chicken Tostadas

Beef Burritos with Salsa

Sopes or Pellizcadas chicken/beef

Cheese or chicken enchiladas

Shrimp and cheese empanadas

Cheese, ham, chicken, or beef Quesadillas with guacamole

Fish, potato or chicken tacos

Lunch comes with soda, bottled water and beer. Wine and liquor are not part of the food plan.


Dinner is cooked by your housekeeper in advance of her departure, the meal is intended to by heated up at your convenience, the housekeeper leaves at 4:00 pm

Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Cheese served with Rice, Beans and Salad

Chicken mole, rice and corn tortillas

Meatballs in green or red sauce and a green salad

Chicken rolls stuffed with cheese and ham, topped with mushroom sauce and sautéed vegetables on the side

Pork ribs in green sauce with potato

BBQ Pork ribs, mashed potatoes and salad

Pan-fried fish fillet

Spaghetti with shrimp

Merequetengue shrimp (shrimp with bell pepper, cheese, bacon, tomato and onion)

Chicken marinated in achiote and potatoes

Beef in green sauce

Beef marinated in chimichurri sauce

Ground beef with potatoes tomato, onion and peppers

Chicken or Beef fajitas

Garlic Shrimp with Rice and steamed vegetables.

Dinner comes with soda, bottled water and beer. Wine and liquor are not part of the food plan.


Key Lime Pie * Banana Nut Bread* Flan Napolitano* Fried Plantains * Cheese Cake* Rice Pudding*Carrot Cake

For Pricing Please contact:

Villa Bella contact Jossie Gill:

Casa Paraiso contact Norma/Bob:

Casa Sonrisa contact Summer Poulsen:

All other villas contact Ismael Franco:

There are two options for purchasing the meal plan: Weekly or 3 consecutive day minimum. (*Due to the fluctuation in the dollar, prices may vary in USD; prices are set in MXN)